Jacqui Janes

Sales and Recruitment Specialist

Jacqui brings over 15 years of extensive experience in business development, recruitment and human resources management. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated proficiency in overseeing full-cycle recruitment campaigns, ensuring the placement of high-quality staff, and providing invaluable insights into labour market trends and talent acquisition strategies.

In her previous role as Senior Account Manager with a National job site, Jacqui played a pivotal role in driving regional growth across key sectors such as oil and gas, technology, government, and non-profits. She led successful initiatives, including the launch of innovative services tailored to the Atlantic market, such as an advanced applicant tracking system, website enhancements, and bundled value-added services.

Jacqui’s expertise lies in effectively utilizing both traditional and digital platforms to serve as a trusted advisor to her diverse client base, consistently delivering tangible results. Her personable demeanor and professional approach have cemented her reputation as one of Atlantic Canada’s premier recruiters, backed by a solid track record of success.

As a proud alumna of St. Francis Xavier University, Jacqui brings a strong educational background to her professional endeavors.